The Digital Behaviour Change Project

We developed Digital Behaviour Change Project as part of the Get a Move on Network addressing the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council Grand Challenge:
Transforming community health and care through the delivery of tested technologies that promote wellbeing by providing timely, individualised feedback that encourage appropriate physical activities.

The Digital Behaviour Change Challenge

Many people find it difficult to change habits and behaviours and turn to digital technology to help them achieve their aim.

As an example, for increasing and improving physical activity levels, technologies such as fitness trackers have become increasingly sophisticated. They now frequently contain functions that track your steps and can detect whether you are walking, running or cycling.

However, such technologies often do not incorporate behaviour change science into the design process, so it’s not surprising that people’s use of them is often short-lived and does not lead to sustained behaviour change.

However, there is little practical guidance on how to implement the science of behaviour change into the content of digital interventions.

our projects

Digital behaviour change workshops

We ran a series of workshops with physical activity practitioners, behavioral scientists and designers to explore how we can support multidisciplinary collaboration.

Student design briefs

We ran a number of student projects in design exploring how integrate the behavior change taxonomy into the design process.

More coming soon!